Derek Carter

3D Artist Toronto, ON,

An atrist my entire life with experience in the 3d/gaming industry since 2007 and at Ubisoft since 2012 as a 3d Artist creating assets and textures, much of the time with my own conceptual freedom. Previously to that I was the Primary 3d artist at FrameForge 3d, which is to say I was the only one creating the models and textures, primarily under my own art direction. Completed for the most part as low resolution work with just diffuse textures, I did create quick simple high resolution models to use in my texture work.
With the experience I have gained at my current position I am now looking forward advancing my career on projects that more reflect my own interests.
I enjoy the creation process from conceptual drawings and research up to the final product. I enjoy playing video games and find a great amount in inspiration in playing my favorite games as well as games with quality visuals and intelligent, enjoyable game-play. I have a lot ideas and am interested to see how they would further translate into the gaming world.
Diligent and experienced I appreciate the opportunity to take on new projects and challenges. The ability to “Assimilate and Adapt” allows me to conform to any pipeline or work flow. I would be a productive member of any team and be inspired by those around me as well as inspire others.

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Work History
Current – Modeller/Texture Artist Ubisoft Toronto
FARCRY5, StarLink, Unannounced Project,
FARCRY4, SplinterCell BlackList

Apr. 2007 – Feb. 2011 Frameforge3d/Innoventive Software
Lead modeller, Lead Texture artist, rigger(skeletal). Responsible for creating 3d assets, to be exported in FBX format, including; characters, animals, vehicles, buildings and objects for the pre-production program FrameForge 3d.

Jan 2007-Apr 2007 -Freelance: Low poly vehicle Modeling/UV mapping. Character modeling/ texturing including normal maps.

Education History
1 year at Humber College: 3d for Production and Video Games
3 years at Sheridan College: 1 year Art Fundamentals, 2 years Classical Animation

Any feedback or critiques you may have would be welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, and have a good day, eh?